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Specialty Substrates Add a ” Touch” of Magic.
In this day of e-everything, there’s something special about materials you can feel up close and personal.
Printing on unique materials can add a textural component to help your customer’s marketing efforts stand out.
Put your imagination to work with substrates that are magnetized, sticky or just plain different.
Leave an impression.
Every contact makes a statement, helping to define a brand. Imagine what kind of impression your client can make with materials that cling , stick and stand out.
How about embedded magnets or cards? The hottest things in touch marketing today, magnetized materials are available in peel-out-magnets or pop-out synthetic cards embedded into a paper base stock.Mohawk Embedded Materials are great for membership cards , save -the date pieces, new office announcements and invites.
One advantage of magnet materials is they offer long-term exposure– recipients hang on to them. What about a magnet business card, menu, sports schedule or metal door sign? By using Mohawk Magnet Materials and a swipe of a magnetized roller or other equipment, your projects will jump to life.
pressure-sensitive materials are great for promotional labels, CD labels,gift tags and bumper stickers; they’re equally effective for shelf talkers, signage, window decals, calendars and novelty stickers. The key to making pressure-sensitive materials work best? Think about how long the piece needs to last. Mohawk Pressure-Sensitive Materials come in everything from permanent to removable adhesives to ultra cling.
Placemat, cookbook or flip chart on Mohawk Synthetic Materials and eliminate the need for costly post- production steps like laminating. These substrates are built to last, yet they’re as flexible and lightweight as paper.
For further information and detail about these products. Please call your local supplier; Sandia Paper Company