Transition Guide

As Mohawk streamlined products . They have combined similar products and eliminated others that were inefficient to produce. Majority of products have not changed, but some have new names or have been discontinued . If product is not listed here, it can be found unchanged under its former name, or call our customer services for more information.

Former   Grade/ Finish

Where   to find it

Beckett Cambric

Strathmore Premium

Beckett Concept

Strathmore Premium Wove

Beckett Enhance

Strathmore Premium

Beckett Expression

Strathmore Premium/ Super Smooth


Strathmore Premium


Mohawk Carnival / Groove


Strathmore Premium

Solution / Feltweave

Mohawk Via Felt

Solution/ Premium Linen

Mohawk Carnival / Premium Linen

Solution / Super Smooth

Mohawk Via / Satin

Strathmore Bond

Strathmore Writing

Strathmore Writing Cover Bristol

Strathmore Writing

Strathmore Text and Cover

Strathmore Premium / Wove

If you don’t find what you are looking for. Please call Customer Services for more information.

Phone: 505-884-0900

Fax: 505-884-5100